It began with just me


Circumstances aligned and I found myself doing the most overwhelming job of my life (being a mum) and doing it while exhausted and for the most part, alone

My husband and I opened a gym 22 days before our first daughter was born and he was working a 70 hour week, my parents lived in Denmark and I in the UK.

I started looking around for support and it just wasn’t out there.

Being a mum impacts the body inside and out. It impacts the brain. It impacts the hormones. It impacts emotions. It changes the immune system. It changes priorities. And with the best will in the world, a services not designed around these things will often do more harm than good.

I couldn’t find anything so I started to create my own. 

Since moving to Denmark with my young family I have really started to embrace loving every aspect of my life.

Eating in a way that I both love and believe in and helping mums to do the same for them and their families while still achieve their health goals.

Moving in a way that makes me feel energised and connected to my body rather than punishing it into shape.

Filling my life with play, connection and adventure. Not just in my life but through my business too. I really do count all of my clients as part of what enriches my life and I love share what I do and helping my clients to achieve this for themselves what ever that means to them.

I use neuroscience techniques within my business to help my clients reconnect with their body and mind.

Habits are only formed with the brain accepts and feels connected to the change and I use this as my fundamental principle for creating lasting change.

I have been part of Christina’s mum’s get results since Jan. The plan has really helped me get back on track with exercise and healthy eating since having my boys. I’ve learnt how to fit things in around being a mum and have managed to lose 4inches from the belly. I have made some good habits that will keep me on track without any feeling of being on a diet! Thank you Christina xxx
— Michelle Bartlett