Annabelle's Breakfast muffins

l decided to put this PDF together after I cycled Annabelle to school and I saw another mum cycling her kids to school in a bike like mine.

They clearly have had one of those mornings and they were eating their porridge on the way. It made me think I want to create a PDF that shares my different recipes for my breakfast muffins that I make for Annabelle every morning as they are such a great alternative to other types of breakfast.



Breakfast muffin pdf

The reason, I make these every morning, is they have lots of egg in them which is a great protein source 1 egg contains 6grams of protein. 

I prefer that Annabelle and Sophia are eating these every morning either with their breakfast or as their breakfast instead of having a bowl a porridge.

As I know they will keep them fuller for longer and give them the energy they need to be able to concentrate at school and pre-school.

They are like a cake so they enjoy them and like having them as a snack /pudding in their lunch boxes. 

For me that is a win win😊👏


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