Lets talk about: Starchy Carbs 

They make up the third layer on my pyramid of importance. It's impossible to talk about them without first mentioning fat and protein. We often assume carbs have magical powers, they are just so more ish. When we are consuming enough proteins and fats those magical powers become very diminished. 

If you are yet to tick that box I would advice that you tackle that first. If you're low on food then your brain will motivate you towards the easiest source of calories, sugar or starchy carbs. 

Then as a special thank you it will fill your brain with dopamine making a beautiful connection between carbs and happiness.  

See why the cravings now? 

The next thing is energy, we all know that carbs are the body's preferred source of energy. This story is one that motivates us to grab a little carb pick me up or cram it in before a run or workout. 

In all honestly very few people require a carb load or a carb pick me up. Looking to water, salts, fats and protein again if you find you need snacks though the day. 

Next is comfort - from the days that mum scooped you up and gave you a hug and a warm protein and carb feed when you cried as a baby your brain has wired carbs to love. 

Removing the carbs can literally create grief. It can pay to have a comfort substitute but... 

How much should you have? 

I have no idea. It differs from person to person. It requires a little bit of trial and error. My point of comfort is a fist size with my evening meal. Some people have a fist size at every meal. Some pocket theirs near workouts. Because I workout every day this is sort of my approach. 

I don't go hungry

I don't ration. I just follow how I feel and then attach a little rule that I live by as long as I feel good. 

Next is "other" the stuff we want over the stuff we need- but that is for another post 🙂

I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions please comment below.

Have a great day 

Christina Xx