Jane's Pizza

Here is Jane's amazing Pizza recipe:

'My downfall is pizza. I'd eat it every night if I could. So here's my relatively healthy alternative. And it's got an egg. You lot seem to like eggs. 

Sorry the pic isn't Instagram perfect. I couldn't stop myself from eating it...

1. Put a load of spinach in a colander and pour boiling water over to wilt. When its cooler squidge it up and get as much water out as poss preferably with kitchen roll.

2. Grab a flour tortilla, put on a baking tray and spread a very thin layer of red pesto (or pizza sauce. I find the pesto adds even more yumness)

3. Then put the spinach round like a donut, leaving a hole for the Almighty Egg.

4. Sprinkle the spinach with low fat grated mature cheddar and top with sliced black olives. 

5. Break Almighty Egg into the hole (Allelluia!) 

6. Bung into preheated oven (200 degs) for 8 mins (or less for a runny yolk... but the tortilla won't be as crunchy)

7. Shovel into gob swiftly

8. Chuck Dominos menu in bin

9. Feel smug

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