I ate all the food

Yesterday I was starving (well at least it felt that way) I had a big breakfast with eggs and avocado, Annabelles breakfast muffins at 10am, rice bolognese for lunch and pulled pork for dinner and home made cake with fruit for pudding.

And still while drinking my cup of tea on the sofa last night I was hungry.

I have no problem with eating I love eating but this seemed out of character for me.

I very rarely get hungry these days- so I thought about what had been different and I remembered that Tuesday I had fasted in the morning, had a big curry for lunch but no dinner. 

We had been to a parents thing at the school and i only had a snack there but by the time we got home I wasn't hungry so I didn't bother to eat. Well clearly I made up for it yesterday. 

The reason I'm telling you this is your body will always make sure it gets the nutrients it needs one way or another if it is available and you don't resist.

So if you feed it porridge, bread, pasta, biscuits or any other low nutrient foods it might make you feel full at the time but your body will very quickly ask for more food. 

The reason it does that is it is telling you 'I want food that gives me what I need to repair. 

So if you find you have to snack because otherwise you feel dizzy, tired etc then I would recommend you look at what it is you eat in your main meals as you might not be giving your body what it needs and that is why it keeps asking for more food.

If you're body keep asking for food, what it's really asking for is nutrition not calories. 

Christina xx

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