Isn't it time for you to reclaim your sparkle?

Guest blog by Ed Ley aka the husband

Before and after 

and then before 

...and after 

and then before 

...and after 

Each time a slightly less incredible result... 

Each time a little bit of their sparkle chipped away...

Like when you see one of those amazing, talented, vibrant female actors have their lips done, and then their faces stapled, and then their eye brows lifted... 

You can almost feel their inner pain like each adjustment symbolises a raw internal pain, a mis-conception, an inability to see who they really are.. 

Someone who, we at least see as someone who has the world at their feet.

If only they could see themselves as we see them. 

If only they knew that for some people, 
they make the world, 

If only they knew that yes, their youth was compelling but youth is fleeting for all of us, if only they new that the real draw wasn't their perfection it was their sparkle, and their freedom and their individuality that we aspired to...

Would they be kinder to themselves? 
Would they turn from the quick fixes? 
Would they begin to treat themselves the way they deserve to be treated? 
Would they stop pumping themselves full of potions and quick fixes and chasing false promises? 

I've met that actor, over and over I have met her, sometimes I've been complicit. 

I've been the surgeon, the quick fixer, that's in the past now. 

Other times though, more often in fact I've met the ghost of Christmas future, the lady whose sparkle has been diminished. 

Diminished by herbal life, 
Diminished by clean 9, 
Diminished by isagenix, 
Diminished by the Cambridge diet. 

Diminished by the false promises of woman as lost to the desire for riches as their victims are to physical perfection. 

I just want them to know that having been the surgeon and now the freedom fighter that change doesn't ever come from the diet, 
what ever it is. 

It comes from how you see yourself, and how you see food and what the word diet means to you. 

It comes from knowing that for someone, 
for more than someone, 
you do and have, 
made the world,

Not because of how you look or how you looked, but because of the way that you light up the world. 

It's for this reason that Christina Created mums get results, its for this reason that Christina Created mums get fit. 

Because we've been the victim of fashion and media and the diet industry for too long. 

Isn't it time to reclaim your sparkle? 

Don't you think? 

Ed Ley

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