Portion size and snacking

I thought I would share with you what I share with my clients about portion and snacking as some of you might find it helpful :)

There is no set portion size – you eat until you are full until your next meal.

If you feel you are hungry in between meals drink some water, do some squats, walk around it will pass.

When you snack you are just putting food on top of food and don’t give your body a chance to digest what you previously have eaten. 

It takes 4-6 hours to digest your food if you aren’t stressed (this is why i recommend you don’t snack).

So if you feel hunger between meals then you know your breakfast, lunch or dinner wasn’t big enough so you need to eat more protein and veg tomorrow.

It might take a few days to find the right balance but don’t panic you will be fine, drink some water we very often mistake the signal of thirst as Hunger.

Just listen to your body, that is the only way to create long term change.

I hope that make sense:)

Christina xx

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