Workout of the week no 1 2018

This is the first workout of the week in 2018 and I hope you will enjoy it :) xx

20 Squats
20 Leg pulses
20 Left SL RDL
20 Right SL RDL
20 Dips

Here are some of the technique pointers you will need:

  • take deep breaths in to your stomach through your nose
  • pull in your pelvic floor
  • keep your chest down,
  • chin in
  • shoulders back and down.
  • squeeze your bum (tilt your pelvis forward) so tight that the next point happens automatically
  • screw feet in the ground  
  • focus on your knees they should travel outside the line of the foot on and leg exercise.
  • move your hips before bending your knees
  • Screw your hands into the ground
  • holding posture is key in all of these exercises.

I hope you will enjoy these workouts :) 


ps. make sure you consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity and please be aware I cannot take any responsibility for any injury that occurs wthile doing any of these exercises.