Struggle to fit in exercise?

This is my favourite form of training and is a brilliant way to ensure you do exercise even on those days where everything goes wrong and life is just a little overwhelming.

You can do any exercise you want but I’m going to use squats as my example:

I aim to do about 150 reps during the whole day.

So for example if I chose squats I will do this:

20 squats before my shower

20 squats while I get ready

20 before while I make breakfast

20 squats before i leave the house

20 squats when I get to work

20 squats before lunch

20 squats while making dinner

10 squats before I go to bed.

And that makes a total of 150 reps. If you do that every day by the end of the week you will have done 1050 reps

You can do 100 reps to start with and build up slowly – there are no rules.


  • Breathe into your stomach through your nose.
  • Squeeze your bum (tilt your pelvis forward)
  • Pull in your pelvic floor.
  • Keep your chest down.
  • Chin in.
  • Shoulders back and down.
  • Screw feet in the ground.
  • Focus on your knees they should travel outside the line of the foot on all leg exercises.
  • Don’t do jumps unless you know you have the correct technique to do them – most people do not have the strength or technique to do it yet.
  • When doing bunny hops your bum needs to be near the floor.
  • Bear crawls like a crawling position but without your knees touching the floor.
  • Screw your hands in to the floor, keep your shoulders and chest down – this will help you to use your lats to stabilise your shoulders. 
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