Training with children

Kids fitness

If you’re reading this then you likely want what I want, your own version of it at least.

You want your children to have an exercise habit that they keep with them for life.

There is no denying that those who have an ingrained exercise habit reap the benefits of

Increase resilience

Lower body fat

Greater life expectancy

A positive stress outlet

Better mental performance (than they would have)

Plus much more.

^^^^ all of this without having to summon the willpower every time to get it done is an invaluable gift in life.

The challenge.

Creating a habit in another

Creating the correct habit

The standard method- get your kids involved in a much sport as possible. Bend over backwards to make sure they have loads of opportunity to play sport in after school clubs and on weekends.

The down side to this.

Your children will have great fun, they’ll get fit but they likely won’t learn the importance or the habit of fitness.

They learn = play when work is done.

Adults tend to know this – work is never done.

They take their values from you.

The way to create an exercise (not sport) habit in your children, is to create one in yourself.

The next down side of sport.

By the age of 7 your child will have lost mobility:

They will already not be able to run properly anymore and they won’t be able to squat.

Doing the following daily:

  • Squating
  • Crawling
  • Rolling
  • Jumping

Might seem excessive but just 15 minutes of full body movement every day won’t just change your life, it will make your child the wonder kid.

You know the one.

The one who wins the long jump, high jump, Javelin, 100m, 400m, 1500m.

Not because of end super human investment or effort but just because they practise retaining the movement they were born with.

The family that squats together stays together.

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