I start my day with water

This is why I start my day with water

2 years ago I started drinking 1.5 litre of water every day before breakfast and the results has been amazing. 

I don't feel bloated at all any more, I feel hydrated and don't get the feeling that my head is in a cloud or signs of cystitis (something I suffered with as a child due to not drinking enough and still do if I don't get enough water during the day) but best of all my hay fever has gone. 

I have suffered with hay fever since I was about 13 and the only times I haven't had it 

1st time was the year Annabelle was born as I was in Hospital with her for 10 days (the 10 days spring arrived in Bristol in 2011) so I missed it as I didn't leave our room, 

2nd time was the year I started drinking 1.5 litre of water 

3rd time was last year again I didn't suffer at all and  I'm really excited to see if it will be the same this year.

This isn't scientific it is just my experience but our gut effect more than we think.

Drinking 1.5 litre of water really improves your digestion, which improves your nutrient intake, which effects how much food you need to keep your body healthy. 

It makes a massive difference if either fat loss or health are your goals. 

Plus you will start your day hydrated so you are more likely to feel energised, positive and drink more water all day. 

Fancy joining me tomorrow morning? 


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