The stability workout week 3

A thing I keep hearing over and over again is, words to the effect of

"I can't run at the moment my foot is killing me" 

Pregnancy causes havoc with the stomach and glutes. 

So many mums start running after having a baby. 

In part for the fitness, in part to get aways from it all for 45 minutes. 

The trouble is when the glutes don't do their job the knee rolls in, when the knee rolls in the arch of the foot rolls in. 

This repeats hundreds of times leads to the plantar fascia of the foot overworking and starting to complain. 

The simple test that we can do to see if we are on course for this is to stand on one leg and see if we fall. 

*check both sides. 

If we aren't completely stable then the 'core' glute combo is not doing its job. 

I hope this workout will help anyone suffering from this.

Workout no3.


Technique pointers (these are so important to get right)

  • take deep breaths in to your stomach through your nose
  • keep your chest down,
  • chin in
  • shoulders back and down.
  • squeeze your bum (tilt your pelvis forward) so tight that the next point happens automatically screw feet in the ground  
  • focus on your knees they should travel outside the line of the foot on and leg exercise.
  • move your hips before bending your knees

Here is a video on posture you might find helpful

To get the best result I recommend you do this workout everyday this week coming.

Lots of love

Christina xx

**make sure you consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity and please be aware I cannot take any responsibility for any injury that occurs while doing any of these exercises.