MGF Daily Challenge 10/4-18

Will you be joining today's challenge?

Today's workout will help you strengthen your core and your mobility and flexibility.

Here is some technique pointers that you need to do when doing the exercises below: 

-take deep breaths in to your stomach through your nose
-pull in your pelvic floor
-keep your chest down,
-chin in
-shoulders back and down.
-screw feet and hands in the ground if they touch it.

Today's workout

repeat x 6

Your breathing is key for all of these so make sure your breath into your stomach. Here is a video explaining how to correct your breathing.

Here is a video explaining about the core and why breathing is so important.

Have a fantastic day :)

Lots of love 

Christina xx

Ps. Please make sure you consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity and please be aware I cannot take any responsibility for any injury that occurs while doing any of these exercises. If you are unsure on posture please watch the video on the MGF website

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