The story of Mums Get Fit

After having my first daughter Annabelle I found that my body had completely changed and I had gained weight that refused to naturally come off. 

So I started exercising and focussing what food I put in my body. I have always loved to cook but I also found a love for training, something I had never had before. 

I became a personal trainer as I was feeling a little out of place managing the team at my gym without the ‘proof’ of knowledge and I wanted to help people that was in the same situation as me. 

So… I set up MumsGetFit to get accountability, a place to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to take steps towards a healthier and fitter life. 

I absolutely loved it… 

The response blew me away.  There just wasn't a service out there that didn't talk to people like a stern parent or military general. Just blame blame blame, you have no will power rubbish…

I found that just by sharing my journey and trying to understand theirs I was providing a safe place for real change to happen and it has and continues to do so.  

MGF has taken on a double meaning for me as in the last 3 years both of my parents have been diagnosed with cancer and I never want my kids or anyone else's kids to go through or feel like I do every single day. 

(my dad sadly passed away 21st March 2017)

This is what drives me and why I want to help as many mums and I can.

I provide a safe place to ask questions without fear of judgment.  

Each conversation or little tip I can help someone get a little healthier and fitter without having to diet. 

Here is the link to my MumsGetFit group if you would like to become part of our MGF community:

On this page I post tips about health and fitness and stuff that is going on in my group plus anything else I might have going on or find interesting.

My hope is to help women get freedom from dieting and inspire them to create fitter and healthier lives not just for themselves but also their families.

I hope you find my page helpful


Christina xx

Ps I now live in Copenhagen as we moved here from Bristol in the U.K. In July 2017 to be closer to my mum.