Your ideal morning

You wake up in the morning.

You shower so that you are clean. You brush your teeth to fight decay and feel fresh.

You dress to keep comfortable and warm. 

^^^ sounds true doesn't it. None of it's true though. 

It's just the story we tell afterwards. 

We shower because we care what people think

about us. For the most part it would be much

healthier to just rinse with water. 


We brush our teeth because we care about 

what people think about our breath and the 

colour of our teeth. Both of these fears

were created by marketers not long ago. 


We dress, if we are leaving the house at least,

based on what we want people to think of us. 


Most of our daily habits were put into place a

long time ago to make us feel socially accepted 

and therefore safe. 


What ever put them there they are now firm 

habits. We build our life around them. 


The more closely we associate new actions to

these daily habits the more quickly they 

become habits themselves. 


But what if instead of habits based on other 

people we choose habits that made us feel 



We could start the day feeling great and feeling 

great about ourselves. 


This is why creating a morning ritual is so

powerful and so important. Start the day with 

3-5 wins you start the day feeling unstoppable. 




For example:

  • 50 squats before your shower
  • 1.5 litre of water before breakfast
  • A cup of hot water and lemon
  • 10 minutes of relaxation
  • A breakfast where you sit down and eat peacefull?

What would be a win to you?

Christina xx