A plan to help me lose a couple of pounds and de-bloat

This summer has been amazing and I have had the most amazing time with my girls. We have been swimming in the sea, relaxing and eating a lot of ice-cream to deal with the heat.

As a result I feel really bloated so I'm going to do my 7 day plan to help my self de-bloat and lose a few pounds in the process as I have a wedding on Saturday and I want to feel good.

Due to work being busy I will be using my slow cooker to cook all of my evening meals. I will be uploading my recipes to my instagram account.

This is my meal plan for next week:


  • Breakfast: 4 boiled eggs with a veg smoothie
  • Lunch: Egg muffins
  • Dinner: Chicken stew


  • Breakfast: Egg muffins with a veg smoothie
  • Lunch: Chicken Stew
  • Dinner: Paprika Pork chops with a giant salad


  • Breakfast: 4 boiled eggs with a veg smoothie
  • Lunch: Tuna salad with lots of veg and apple
  • Dinner: Bolognese Sauce with rice and salad


  • Breakfast: egg muffins with a veg smoothie
  • Lunch: Vegetable Curry
  • Dinner: Chicken Soup


  • Breakfast: 4 boiled eggs with a veg smoothie
  • Lunch: Meat balls and veg (for the airport)
  • Dinner: Steak and salad (this is normally what I order when I go out for dinner)


  • Breakfast: Fasting
  • Lunch: I will get lunch at Pret as I know I can get egg, soups that i love.
  • Dinner: At the wedding


  • Breakfast: Breakfast at the hotel so it will be with eggs and bacon.
  • Lunch: Pret at the airport
  • Dinner: Fajitas with roast Chicken and chilli con carne.

This is my plan for the next week I will be aiming to have 130 grams of protein every day, eat 3 veg at breakfast, 5 for lunch and 9 for dinner, Drink my 1.5 litre of water in the morning, not drink caffeine after 2pm. 

I hope you will have a fantastic week.

Lots of Love 

Christina xx