What is a good foundation

When it comes to getting rid of sugar dependence or wanting to lose some fat our emotions get involved but in my experience they only get too loud to ignore when the foundations are missing.,

What I mean by this, is giving your body what it needs:

Number 1: drink enough water every day and always start the day with water so you start your day hydrated. 

Number 2: eat 3 meals and make sure they keep you full so you don’t have to snack in between. 

Number 3: have enough protein every day and have it with every meal.

Number 4: eat the rainbow. Make sure you get enough vegetables of all colours and make sure to also add some fruit to your meals as well if you like fruit. 

Number 5: get as much sleep as you need and if you get broken sleep (like me) go to bed earlier and sleep in a completely dark room so you produce more melatonin, the broken sleep will improve with time.

Number 6: cut down on caffeinated drinks so you aren’t addicted to caffeine. (You need to be able to have a break from caffeine without it causing you any issues)

This is what I see as a good foundation and this will help you start making the changes you want like get rid of a sugar dependence.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 

Christina ❤️