A sustainable way to eat


 This article shows in my opinion what is a sustainable way to eat meat and this is exactly how we as a family want to eat.

Animal welfare and environmental factors are important to us but so is our health and this way of eating seems to give us a way of looking after all 3.

I have to say I do agree with the plant based movement that we all need to eat more vegetables to improve our health, but I don’t believe going 100% plant based is the best solution when it comes to fixing our environmental issues.

In my opinion it is about finding a balance of both worlds that is the answer.

My hope is that we all stop arguing over what not to eat, and to use Ed’s words from yesterday ‘ we’re stuck on this ship and it’s sinking, we might as well all get along 😊’

We need to make changes and I believe eating meat that has been reared this way is the way forward and is definitely something I’m going to continue buying here in 2019.

I’m currently getting a large freezer as I can have one in our new flat and seeking out meat that has been reared this way is how I want us to eat every day.

This will mean we will eat slightly less meat but the quality is better so better for our health and we will up our plant based protein so we don’t lose out in our daily protein intake.

I will share our experience on here:)

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday

Christina ❤️

Side note: eating this way does seem a little harder here in Denmark than in England as we don’t have lots of local butchers.

If you live in the UK then I recommend you go and talk to your local butcher to find out where they get their meat and start buying from them if you like what you hear. The last 3 years in the uk I bought from a local butcher in chipping sodbury and he could tell me everything about where his meat came from and how it had lived and as I was a weekly customer he gave me 10% off. Shopping locally became good for my health but also my economy ❤️❤️