The weekly Mums Get Fit bootcamp workout

Every Monday I run an outdoor workout for mums Welcome to the group 🙂

The sessions are about 60 minutes long, they are for all fitness levels, but it is important to note the workouts are not created specially for postnatal mums..

We use body weight exercises, slam balls, kettlebells etc .

This week was split up in 3 circuits and 1 tabata.

Here is todays workout:

Warm up:

Circuit 1

45 seconds training/ 15 seconds rest

we did it nice and slow to warm us up.

Circuit 2

45 seconds training/ 15 seconds rest

Circuit 3

45 seconds training/ 15 seconds rest

Tabata finisher

4 minutes of 20 exercise/10 seconds rest

Please make sure you do the following technique pointers:

  • take deep breaths in to your stomach through your nose

  • pull in your pelvic floor 

  • keep your chest down,

  • chin in

  • shoulders back and down.

  • squeeze your bum (tilt your pelvis forward) so tight that the next point happens automatically 

  • screw feet and hands in the ground  if they touch it 

  • focus on your knees they should travel outside the line of the foot on and leg exercise.

  • move your hips before bending your knees


If you would like to join my online Mums Get Fit Bootcamp facebook group here is the link

I hope you will have a fantastic week and please let me know if you do the workout either on my social media accounts (instagram, facebook page or my mgf group) or by commenting on this post.

Lots of love

Christina xx

PS. make sure you consult your doctor before engaging in any physical activity and please be aware I cannot take any responsibility for any injury that occurs while doing any of these exercises.