Mums truths, challenges and struggles

Here is the first week of truths, challenges and struggles that I have been sent since posting about creating a place for mums to share without being judged.

I always fart when I do yoga 

I say no to my kids having chocolate but carry on eating it myself but try to hide it so they don’t know.

If I eat dairy I get painful and very smelly gas but sometimes I can’t help myself.

I am out of control with emotional eating taking the reins. Tired = carb/sugar & fat loading; frustrated/upset = cheese and bottle of wine; lonely = cheese/sweets; unsure/anxious = cheese and carbs (pastries/bread)... cheese and naughty carbs play a huge role in diet atm. Every day I decide that I’m going to be strong and eat healthily and then by lunchtime I’ve caved into cravings...

Social media has a big negative side. It is easy to look at your news feed and see happy smiling faces, lovely stories of adventures and when you do read a ‘real’ post that is moany or negative, it feels like it isn’t really the done thing. It’s not a place of reality but we look at it every day. I don’t feel able to be myself or fully express myself. If I am honest, I often delete my comments or posts.

My best friend has ignored my calls & messages for 5+ weeks yet she must know I can see her Facebook posts! Eurgh, enough, join the real world full of real people and let me remind you, we have feelings....

I struggling to stop eating biscuits, especially chocolate ones once I have opened the packet

Sometimes I hide in the utility room pretending to do the washing but really I am eating chocolate away from the kids

I start each day with good intentions, mindful eating, exercise, drinking water, no shouting at the kids, deep breaths etc but I never get through a day without binge eating from behind a cupboard door, not putting 100% into a lunge/squat/bunny hop because I can’t be bothered, getting angry at the kids rather than listening to them and getting to the end of a day without taking a sip of water.

It’s frustrating, saddening and it makes me sometimes hate myself.

I wish I could find a way of making it through one day having stood by my morning intentions

My one truth is I certainly feel better for the small sacrifice I’ve made with eliminating carbs from my meals through the week but I struggle at weekends and fall back into bad eating habits quickly (and a few wines!) so then feel guilty and back square one each Monday.

If you would like to share your truth with us please use this link

I have set this page up, because saying the truth can be really hard but saying things outloud can be really freeing.

Lots of love

Christina xx

Ps This is a selection of the ones I have received, but my goal is to be able to send out all of them I just playing around with the set up of the blog because some of them are very long and I want them to be read as well.