What's that all about

I help mums to get fit and healthy. I do this by re-establishing the connection to the body so that we start to feel connect to it again and start celebrating what an amazing tool it is.

If this sounds a little woo woo it shouldn’t. I use science based principles and fun to help you to reconnect with what your incredible body can do.

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My results with Christina have been utterly fantastic. From the outset, she took the time to find out about my lifestyle and personal challenges and came up with a plan that was realistic and sustainable. Several months on, she has truly changed my eating and exercise habits and, once more, I really enjoy it and I am able to fit it in with the rest of my life. Thank you so much Christina for all of your help and knowledge - absolutely brilliant work.
— Sarah Edgar


The Mums Get Fit Bootcamp

A fun outdoor fitness class for mums of all fitness levels.  Come and join us out in the fresh air where we will be playing with bodyweight movements, kettlebells and slamballs. The main focus of our sessions is having fun while exercising and meeting other likeminded mums.

The mgf group personal training

The personalised approach of personal training without the price tag.  With a maximum of 4 women training together at any point the programme will be personally tailored to match your needs. This is a very hands-on way of training while still enjoying have the community feel. I find this is a great way for women to learn to love exercise and create healthy habits.

I’ve been working with Christina for the past 6 months. I have made massive changes in the way that I eat and exercise. Christina has built exercise plans that are suited to my needs and been really supportive. She is knowledgable and has helped me to plan strategies to reach my goal. I would recommend Christina 100% to anyone who needs help building lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.
— Jenny Bowen